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Hereford Football Club


Edgar Street is the focus of much love from Bulls’ fans in this area and with good reason. Not just because of the football (that goes without saying) but because of Hereford FC’s commitment to being a club for the community. Now nearly 10 years old (having launched in 2014 as a phoenix club for Hereford United), their work in schools, campaigns to improve sports participation, and efforts to use the power of football to tackle issues of both health and social inclusion are all well established - as is their commitment to offering a safe environment for children and adults to enjoy being part of a football club. Their loyal fans are always part of their story, including influencing the choice of their newly launched kit.

Why they signed up

“We are aware that we are in an old stadium (having inherited Edgar Street from United) so not very energy efficient,” explains Jamie Griffiths, General Manager at the Club. “In some parts of the club our heating system and insulation dates back quite a number of years and our floodlights are 20 years old so we’re ready for a switch to LED. Basically, we want to do better, and Greener Footprints gives us an opportunity to work with and learn from others not just in leisure but across sectors as we make changes.” 

The difference they want to make

“We know we have a huge audience in the local community and youngsters look up to the club and the players here,” says Jamie. “Climate change is high on young people's agenda, and rightly so. We want to be a better role model for them and get behind local climate action. 

In their own words

“Climate change and the impacts of issues like flooding and biodiversity loss are a clear threat to the leisure and sport sector, including grassroots clubs and community facilities which matter so much to this game and, in turn, to the health and wellbeing of youngsters who enjoy it,” adds Jamie.

“We also saw during Covid how sport has such a positive impact on a community's physical and mental health, and when it was taken away during the pandemic people really struggled. Not just because of the loss of activity, but the loss of connection with others. There are so many mental health benefits to the coming along to a game, seeing your mates and being part of a community like ours.

“We know there is a lot sport can do, including being more energy efficient, and that includes showing fans what can be done and the difference it will make. We're looking forward to working with our supporters on the actions we take.”