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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference

Handful of oats

Looking after the local ecology - Jordans Cereals

The Wildlife Trust has partnered with Jordans Cereals to help the farmers who grow oats for Jordans cereal to farm in harmony with nature.

There are more than 30 farms which grow oats for Jordans and together they farm more than 15,000 ha of countryside. Every Jordans farmer works with experts from their local Wildlife Trust to support wildlife on at least 10% of land on each farm.

This land is managed to provide food for farmland birds, pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and pollinating insects. Features like ponds and hedgerows create wildlife corridors enabling wildlife to thrive and to move through the landscape. Overall, a third of the land area of the farms - nearly 4,600ha - is managed for wildlife. This industry-leading standard for land management, has been developed in partnership between The Wildlife Trusts and Jordans. The Jordans Farm Partnership is a partnership between Jordans, The Wildlife Trusts, the Princes Countryside Fund and LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).

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