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Get your business to net zero

Greener Footprints Business Network

A new initiative has launched in Herefordshire to encourage employers to plot their journeys to meet the county's zero carbon ambition by the end of the decade.

The Greener Footprints Business Network aims to support organisations to carry out carbon reducing actions within their business by:
  • Sharing access to grant funding
  • Facilitating networking opportunities
  • Promoting sustainable business practices

The network welcomes businesses from the private, public and third sectors, who by sharing their experiences can help fast-track the county's journey to net zero and encourage other organisations and their employees along the way.

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30 for 2030

30 for 2030 is an exciting business initiative to encourage and mobilise employers and their colleagues across Herefordshire to plot their journeys to meet the county's net zero carbon ambition by the end of the decade.

Putting the spotlight on 30 employers from the private, public and third sectors, who have opened up their organisations to share the actions they take and their achievements along the way to inspire others to do the same.

These organisations are at different stages of their journeys: some are in the early stages of talking about it; some have already planned what they are going to commit to and are ready to move forward; and others are already on their way to a zero carbon future. With the help of the participating organisations the initiative will capture the twists and turns of their zero carbon adventures.

Find out more about how participating businesses have started their journey to net zero.

Greener Footprints Business Champion Awards

Nominations for these awards have now closed. Greener Footprints Business Champion of the Year and Greener Footprints Team of the Year Awards. We are looking for individuals and teams who have put in extra effort to make a difference to the planet. Perhaps you have removed single use plastics in the workplace, set up a car share scheme, created a wildlife haven in the staff garden or made another change to help the climate and nature – let us know and help inspire others to do the same.

This is a great way to recognise the efforts of your employees and teams, showcase the sustainability work going on in your business and to inspire other businesses and individuals in Herefordshire to take action. We look forward to receiving your entries!

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