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Greener footprints pledge

Support our county-wide Greener Footprints campaign by making a #pledgefortheplanet today. If we all commit to taking action on climate change, we can collectively make a big difference.

How to help

  1. SIGN

    Make a pledge today as part of our Greener Footprints campaign.

    You can signup an an individual, employer, community or as a partner

  2. START

    Don't waste any time. Start today by making changes to the way you go about everyday life. We'll be posting lots of advice on this website to help you on your way - from carbon workouts that will help reduce your personal carbon footprints to eating climate friendly dishes.

    We're also planning a number of climate action campaign initiatives in 2022 that we'd love you to get involved with.

  3. SHARE

    Don't just make climate-friendly changes to your life. Together we want people and organisations to create a movement for positive change across the count. So shout about what you've done or are doing and share via your own social media channels to inspire other to follow suit.

    Also post your support for our campaign and share content which you can find on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels.

What you can do in 2023

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