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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference

Make a small change

The climate emergency can feel overwhelming. Climate anxiety is now a real issue that many people are dealing with. You may feel like any lifestyle changes you make won't help climate change, but remember that small changes can make a big difference if done by enough people.

Taking individual actions is known to help with climate anxiety as it channels your energy into doing something meaningful. Small changes can lead to bigger ones, and they often inspire others!

However, everyone's circumstances are different, and while some changes suit one person, they may not work for others. This section suggests ways you can help, along with some tools and advice so you can decide what small changes work best for you.

Some other ideas can be found in the BBC article 39 Ways to Save the Planet.

Colourful compost heap

Reducing food waste and composting

Electric bike

Getting an electric bike

Solar panels on the roof of a house

Installing solar panels on my home

Man putting insulation into the eaves of a house

Make your home more energy efficient

Looking up through trees to an aeroplane in the sky

Offsetting carbon emissions

Ross Whelan from Herefordshire Climate Challenge Team

Ross - rethink production and processes

Elly - still from video

Elly - work out what will make a difference

Orchard in sunshine with wild flowers

Becky - sharing and learning from others