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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference

What you can do in 2023

Greener Footprints campaign

Everyone from across the county, regardless of age, can get actively involved in the new Greener Footprints campaign, which is driven by the community for the community to help Herefordshire to be net zero by 2030. 

Making a change to your lifestyle which helps the environment means you will benefit too - from saving money on energy bills, to leading a more active lifestyle or learning new skills which help reduce your carbon footprint.

Taking the first steps to reducing your carbon footprint is easy and our 22 ways to show you care for the environment and nature guide and the various tips and suggestions below will give you lots of ideas to get started. Sign up to our Greener Footprints pledge today and tell us what small changes you will make to get started. 

Make a small change

The climate emergency can feel overwhelming. Climate anxiety is now a real issue that many people are dealing with. You may feel like any lifestyle changes you make won't help climate change, but remember that small changes can make a big difference if done by enough people.

This section suggests ways you can help, along with some tools and advice so you can decide what small changes work best for you.

Some other ideas can be found in the BBC article 39 Ways to Save the Planet.

Large green footprint with green townscape

Calculating my carbon footprint

Cows in a field looking into camera

The carbon footprint of my diet

Wind farm in rural landscape

Switch to a green energy supplier

Pedicargo deliveries

Carbon free deliveries

Large passenger plane in flight

Driving and flying less

Woman walking to work

Swap a journey

Garden flowers for wildlife

Gardening for carbon and wildlife

Carrots just pulled from the garden

Grow your own fruit and veg