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Herefordshire Business 30 for 2030

30 businesses from across Herefordshire are sharing their stories as they navigate their way to a net zero carbon future.

The 30 for 2030 scheme puts the spotlight on 30 employers from the private, public and third sectors, who have opened up their organisations to share the actions they take and their achievements along the way to inspire others to do the same.

These organisations are at different stages of their journeys: some are in the early stages of talking about it; some have already planned what they are going to commit to and are ready to move forward; and others are already on their way to a net zero emissions future.

Find out more about how some of the participating businesses have started their journey to net zero through these case studies. Stay connected through our newsletter, or give the Greener Footprints social media channels a follow for updates on their stories.

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