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Two students lean in over a tray filled with pond water resting on a log stump.

Pond dipping delight at Bosbury Primary School

Tadpoles, Dragonfly and Water Boatman – a school pond, and new equipment, offers students at Bosbury Primary School the chance to see a wonderful array of wildlife up close. In late April, officers in the Sustainability and Climate Change team at H…

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The Big Green Business Event shell Store Skylon park

Big Green Business Event

The Herefordshire Means Business (HMBiz) Team are hosting a Big Green Business Event, in partnership with Herefordshire Council's Greener Footprints initiative on Tuesday 11 June at the Shell Store, Skylon Park, Hereford from 8am to 12pm. The event…

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Transport contributes 36% to Herefordshire's carbon emissions.

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Three quarters of the energy consumed in Herefordshire is used to heat and power buildings (both residential and commercial) and the appliances they contain….

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Emissions resulting from food consumption for an average family of four are almost double the emissions from their transport and heating usage combined...

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Housing and buildings

Over one-third of Herefordshire's greenhouse gas emissions come from heating homes and other buildings.

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75,000 tonnes of household waste is generated in the county every year. 41% is sent for recycling and composting.

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Farming and land use

The way we manage land is a key part of the solution to getting to a net zero and nature rich county. There are significant opportunities to capture carbon in the soil, plant hedges and trees…

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