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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference



Three young people holding the guide on how to be a Climate Champion

Carbon workout guide- how to become a Climate Champion

We've teamed up with Hereford City Youth Councillor, Anna Darwood, to put together a new guide on climate action for young people in Herefordshire. The free online guide is packed full of practical advice covering travel, shopping, fashion and more.…

A farmer using a tractor to prepare a field.

Carbon Workout Guide for Farmers

A new Carbon Workout Guide for Farmers has been launched as part of the Herefordshire Greener Footprints campaign to help the farming community to reduce their carbon footprint. With rising energy costs, changes to trade agreements and the war in Uk…


Transport contributes 36% to Herefordshire's carbon emissions.
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Three quarters of the energy consumed in Herefordshire is used to heat and power buildings (both residential and commercial) and the appliances they contain….
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Emissions resulting from food consumption for an average family of four are almost double the emissions from their transport and heating usage combined...
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Housing and buildings

Over one-third of Herefordshire's greenhouse gas emissions come from heating homes and other buildings.
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75,000 tonnes of household waste is generated in the county every year. 41% is sent for recycling and composting.
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Farming and land use

The way we manage land is a key part of the solution to getting to a net zero and nature rich county. There are significant opportunities to capture carbon in the soil, plant hedges and trees…
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