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Your Greener Footprints

Are you looking for simple ways to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, nature-friendly future for Herefordshire?

Check out ‘What you can do’, for ideas, inspiration, and real-life stories from around the county.

Getting started

Whether you’re switching up your daily routine, or making adjustments in your home or garden, starting small is a great way to make it happen.

Feeling inspired and ready to take action? Make a pledge and tell us what you’ve got lined up.

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Carbon Workout Gardening Guide

A six-point carbon workout plan for gardeners to support the county’s net zero plans

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Carbon Workout Upcycling Guide

Do you want to reduce waste, save money and be unique? Then this is your moment to explore the beauty and benefits of upcycling…

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Save Money Save the Environment

Here are ten money-saving ways to look after the planet – and your pocket - with thousands of pounds up for grabs by making lifestyle changes that require zero or very little effort

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