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Greener Footprints for your Farm

One of England's most rural counties, we have a responsibility to manage the natural resources in a way that minimises the impacts of the climate and ecological emergency on people and wildlife.

Opportunities to capture and store carbon across the farming landscape include through the management and introduction of trees and hedgerows, improving soil health, and maintenance of grasslands, amongst other farm management practices.

Ongoing Projects

Herefordshire Council recognises the importance of supporting Herefordshire farmers in taking action to reduce the carbon footprint of food production in order to achieve the ambitions of net zero. Herefordshire Council has funded 40+ farm carbon audits across the county, has produced a farm carbon workout guide, and is delivering a series of farm carbon workshops to help farmers reduce farm carbon emissions and improve efficiency.

It continues to seek ways to support farmers and land owners to reduce costs and reduce carbon while remaining productive, and allowing local ecosystems to thrive.

Upcoming Farm Carbon Workshop

Herefordshire Council are funding a series of farm carbon workshops to help highlight some of the actions farmers can take to improve soil health, reduce fertiliser use, and increase carbon capture and storage.

The next workshop on will focus on methods of on-farm composting - check back for more details or email to receive an invitation.

Severn Treescapes Project

Herefordshire Council supports the Severn Treescapes Wye to Wyre partnership project of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, and Worcestershire Wildlife Trusts. The project is seeking to increase tree cover and support woodland connectivity at a regional scale, and is calling on farmers and landowners across the region to get involved.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have partnered up to provide a team of on the ground advisors, as well as a series of informative events, best practice visits, community engagement opportunities, grants advice and applications assistance. Find out more here.