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Farming and land use

Agriculture and land use account for 12% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions of which agriculture is currently responsible for 10%. Unlike other sectors, CO2 emissions are relatively minor and most agricultural emissions are methane from livestock and nitrous oxides mainly from soils.

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Make a small change

Garden flowers for wildlife

Gardening for carbon and wildlife

Together, the UK's gardens are larger than all of our National Nature Reserves combined, meaning they are a critical lifeline for wildlife, the environment and us. We have put together just a handful of ways you can make your garden a haven for wildl…

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Chris Frith and Finn planting a conifer

Chris - planting trees and rewilding

I am Chris and I am a member of the Herefordshire County Climate Challenge team. I live on a small eco-holding of approximately five acres which I have been gradually rewilding and planting with new trees and hedges for 25 years. Even during a Covid…

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Orchard in sunshine with wild flowers

Becky - sharing and learning from others

My name is Becky and I live on a smallholding with my family a few miles north of Hereford.  We moved here two years ago for a bit of land and some space to develop myself as an horticulturist. We sure got that in spade loads here with an ancient flo…

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Inspiration from around the county

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