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Jubilee Building exterior with new sign

Renewable energy grants - Queenswood

Marches Renewable Energy (MarRE) is a grant scheme allowing eligible applicants based in the Marches to apply for a 50% grant towards new installations of renewable technologies on their premises. Since the scheme launched in 2019, 418kWp of renewable energy generation has been installed, which would save 127 tonnes CO2e.

A MarRE grant was awarded to Queenswood and Bodenham Lake, which are managed in a partnership between Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and New Leaf Sustainable Energy. The partnership manages the country park and estate with the aim of promoting conservation and sustainability. The MarRE grant funded an air source heat pump system for the Jubilee Building which houses the Sustainable Future Centre and replaced a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) boiler.

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) transfer heat from outside to inside a building, or vice versa. An ASHP uses a refrigerant system involving a compressor and a condenser to absorb heat at one place and release it at another. Air Source Heat Pumps can save on heating bills if replacing an electric, oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or coal system, rather than gas. However, good insulation is essential – otherwise the heat the pump is generating escapes more easily.