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Nizi's Bakery sour dough bread

Nizi's Bakery - sustainable food business

Nizi is an artisan bakery in central Hereford.  An integral part of the Nizi Bakery vision is to reduce their carbon footprint, and the overall sustainability of their business. To achieve this:

  • They don't want full shelves of products all day, everyday. Instead, they want the "almost" certainty that the products will be gone by the end of the day. This is to reduce food waste. Customers can pre-order if they know they can't come early in the morning
  • If they do have any leftovers they give all the excess suitable for freezing to Hereford Food Bank
  • They like creating personal relationship with their suppliers because they really value the importance of good-quality ingredients. Not just the flavour but also how they are produced. They try to source in Herefordshire, but when they can't, they look outside the county for the best quality
  • They are plastic-free. They don't use any plastic in their packaging and only use paper, compostable or recyclable material. They try to minimise the use of cling film, and when possible use cling film more than once
  • They deliver bread and pastries by bike and on foot
  • They want to offset their carbon footprint in 2021 by planting the equivalent trees necessary to achieve this goal with the help of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust