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Greener footprints guide, new year new you - new greener footprint

22 ways to show you care for the environment and nature in 2022

Wednesday 2 February 2022 1.20pm

As Herefordshire works towards becoming carbon zero by 2030, the Greener Footprints campaign has put together a range of environmentally-led practical
ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that require next to zero effort – some of which are already well practiced and others which are very little known.

All have been put forward to help everyone living in the county to take simple green footsteps to lower their personal carbon footprints, protect nature and wildlife, whilst at the same time helping to improve health, save money, establish new networks and friends, as well as open up new interests and career and job opportunities.

According to research undertaken by Environmental charity, Hubbub, last year one in six people resolved to reduce their impact on the environment, ranking the environment higher than resolutions about romantic relationships, relationships with friends and hobbies. So, let’s ensure we go even further this year – get started now with our list of 22 ways to become greener in 2022.