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Three young people holding the guide on how to be a Climate Champion

Carbon workout guide- how to become a Climate Champion

Tuesday 27 September 2022 2.16pm

We've teamed up with Hereford City Youth Councillor, Anna Darwood, to put together a new guide on climate action for young people in Herefordshire.

The free online guide is packed full of practical advice covering travel, shopping, fashion and more. For young people who want to make a difference but are not sure where to start, the guide suggests eight easy changes that can make a big impact – all put together by one of Herefordshire’s very own young activists.

The author of the guide, Anna Darwood, is the Climate and Green Spaces Ambassador for the Youth Council and also a member of the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership Board, which launched the Greener Footprints campaign in January.

Anna said: “Global warming is affecting everyone but it’s young people like us who will bear the greatest consequences of climate inaction in years to come. The scale of climate change can feel quite overwhelming but there are small steps we can take as young people that can have a huge impact. It’s all about changing your behaviour and then using what you’ve learnt to help others live more sustainably. I’m really excited to launch the guide and I hope others will find it useful.”

Simple changes that young people can make to reduce their carbon footprints include browsing the charity shops rather than buying brand-new and travelling by bike or public transport instead of driving. Anna also suggests setting up an eco-council at school and getting involved in voluntary work or campaigning.

Cllr Ellie Chowns, Chair of the Climate and Nature Partnership Board, said: “As the extreme temperatures this summer have shown, climate change is happening right now and taking action to stop it getting worse is more urgent than ever. We can all make a difference by working together and we want to make sure people have the tools and knowledge to know how to make a change. I’m really impressed by the work Anna has put in to make this guide a genuinely useful resource – I’d certainly encourage young people, and their parents, to download a copy and see what they could do.”

The young person’s guide is one of a series of ‘Carbon Workout Guides’ produced by Greener Footprints Herefordshire. A leaflet for farmers is also available as well as a guide to saving money while helping the environment. All three publications are free to download from