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A group of 5 students stand behind a banner of images and text discouraging plastic use and encouraging re-usable bottles

Whitecross High School says no to single-use plastic

Thursday 1 February 2024 2.08pm

Whitecross High School is putting an end to single-use plastic bottles.

At Whitecross High School, a passionate, student-led eco team has been on a mission to reduce plastic waste within the school. Last year, their dedication took a bold turn when they proposed to the school’s Headteacher, Tim Knapp, the ambitious idea of becoming a plastic-bottle free school. Fast forward to this year and their vision is becoming a reality.

Starting in January 2024 the much-anticipated Generation Juice dispensers are now open for business. This initiative allows students to use their own reusable bottles to purchase a variety of flavoured drinks, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles. The benefits extend beyond environmental impact – the drinks are not only eco-friendly but also more affordable.

A key driving force behind the success of this transformative project has been the persistent advocacy of the student voice. The school’s eco team played a crucial role in pushing for this positive change. Additionally, the unwavering support from both the canteen and site services contractors, AIP and Integral, has been pivotal. Not only have they commissioned and installed the necessary equipment for the Generation Juice dispensers, but they have also generously provided every student with a complimentary metal drinks bottle, further encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices.

Whitecross High School proves that small steps can lead to significant strides in creating a greener and healthier future.