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Electric bike

Getting an electric bike

E-bikes (or electric bikes) work just like a normal bike, except an electric motor has been added to give you a little more power in your pedalling. Cycling UK have a useful guide on the different types of e-bike available for first time buyers.

Not only are e-bikes loads of fun to ride, they also have huge economic and environmental potential benefits. Power assisted pedalling mean that e-bikes are especially useful for:

  • Starting to build more activity into your day
  • Commuting by bike
  • Covering long distances and conquering hills
  • Enabling you to cycle carrying heavy items
  • Making cycling a viable option for more people
  • Help with recovering from an injury

Most of the local bike shops sell electric bikes and will let you try them out beforehand. If you are buying a second hand e-bike, make sure it adheres to EAPC regulations.

Colwall Greener run a test before you invest scheme with electric bikes, as part of Transition Malvern Hills. This scheme gives you the opportunity to try an e-bike for two weeks so you can decide if you'd like to go ahead with purchasing one.