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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference


In the UK, energy comes from a number of sources. Currently, most energy is derived from “fossil fuels”. To meet net-zero we will need to move away from using coal and oil and rely more on electricity generated from renewable sources.

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Energy Action Plan

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Make a small change

Ross Whelan from Herefordshire Climate Challenge Team

Ross - rethink production and processes

Ross talks about rethinking production and processes in the journey to becoming a sustainable business. He's one of around 20 volunteers who joined the Herefordshire Climate Challenge Team in 2020 to contribute to making a difference in our county. …

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Wind farm in rural landscape

Switch to a green energy supplier

By switching your domestic energy supply to a green tariff, you can reduce your carbon footprint. A green tariff means that some or all of the electricity you buy is ‘matched’ by purchases of renewable energy that your supplier makes on your behalf.…

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