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The climate footprint of food is complex. It varies by food group, as well as the way we produce, process, package and transport food. Most food related green-house gas (GHG) emissions are released in the production stage. Land use change and on-farm processes are just two of the processes which have an impact.

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Make a small change

Toni - What you can do

Toni - make some lifestyle changes

Being part of the Climate Challenge Team over the past year has really inspired me to make some changes to my lifestyle, and become more sustainable. One of the ways I have tried reducing my impact on the environment, was to try my hand at growing so…

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White on red Herefordshire Food Charter logo

Sign up to the Herefordshire Food Charter

The Herefordshire Food Alliance has launched a new Herefordshire Food Charter and are encouraging businesses, organisations and individuals to sign the Charter and commit to one or more of the suggested actions. Food affects everyone, we all need to…

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Orchard in sunshine with wild flowers

Becky - sharing and learning from others

My name is Becky and I live on a smallholding with my family a few miles north of Hereford.  We moved here two years ago for a bit of land and some space to develop myself as an horticulturist. We sure got that in spade loads here with an ancient flo…

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