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Herefordshire Zero Carbon and Nature Rich

The county-wide action plan and how you can make a difference


Cutting down on the amount of waste produced, reducing our use of natural resources, recycling and composting materials and recovering energy from those we can no longer use is a vital part of reaching net zero carbon emissions.

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Waste action plan

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Make a small change

Elly - still from video

Elly - work out what will make a difference

Elly and her family are finding ways of making small changes to see how low they can get their carbon footprint. Elly is one of about 20 volunteers who joined the Herefordshire Climate Challenge Team in 2020 to contribute to making a difference in ou…

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Colourful compost heap

Reducing food waste and composting

Food waste An estimated one third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste – that’s well over 3 billion tonnes of food (WWF). When we waste food, we also waste all the energy and water it takes to grow, harvest, transport, and package i…

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